Why summer is the best time for wisdom teeth extraction

Summer makes us think of beaches, barbecues and big fun in the sun. What we DON’T often think about is getting our wisdom teeth out! However, summer is an ideal time to have this procedure done. Here’s some helpful background on wisdom teeth extraction and why you may want to have it taken care of in the next few months.

wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars, top and bottom, all the way in the back of your mouth. These teeth typically begin to emerge between the ages of 15 and 20. If your mouth is not large enough to fit the new teeth, then extractions may be necessary.

Overcrowding of wisdom teeth can cause your other teeth to move out of proper alignment. Misalignment and overcrowding is not only painful, but also can lead to infection down the road. Even worse: wisdom teeth can become impacted if they do not fully emerge; leaving parts of the teeth inside your gums or jawbones. This can cause extreme pain and leave you open to infection and tooth decay down the road.

The basics of wisdom teeth extraction

When you’re younger, healing times tend to be faster and complications tend to be fewer. For this reason, it is typically suggested that you have wisdom teeth removed when they begin to emerge. Once you decide to go forward with the procedure, here is what you can expect:

  • The dentist will provide either a local (twilight) sedation or full oral sedation before going on to remove gum tissue around the tooth being extracted.
  • Any bone covering the tooth will be removed.
  • The tooth will be extracted from the opening. Stitches may be added to help the gums heal.
  • Cotton gauze is placed over the extraction point to stop any further bleeding.

Why have your wisdom teeth out in the summer months?

Oral surgeons recommend having this procedure done in summer, because patients typically have plenty of time for recovery with fewer responsibilities getting in the way.

Because most patients are young, summer is an ideal time to have the procedure done. They are home from school or college, so the surgery won’t interfere with their studies. And during this time they tend to have fewer organized extracurricular activities.

Summer works great for older adults as well. It’s a great time to have the procedure without missing too much work. And since many people are out of town, there is a better chance of scheduling your wisdom teeth extraction at the most convenient time for you.

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If your or your teen’s wisdom teeth are causing pain, swelling or infection, then it’s time to schedule this important oral surgery now. As a trusted and experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Farole cares for hundreds of patients in Bala Cynwyd and the greater Philadelphia area. He is glad to discuss the procedure with you and help you choose the best time for surgery. Call our office now to schedule a consultation.


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Botox at any age? An expert outlines the benefits

Botox has become the #1 popular choice for wrinkle removal without surgery. Since the FDA approved their use in 2002, millions of patients have benefited from these non-invasive treatments.

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While it may seem that Botox is only for older individuals who want to remove wrinkles, patients as young as 18 can benefit from this safe, simple facial treatment. Here’s more about the benefits of Botox for beautiful skin at virtually any age.

How Botox treatments work

Derived from botulinum toxin hence the name Botox these treatments work by safely and temporarily paralyzing the muscles involved in forming wrinkles. As the active agent wears off, the muscles stretch out, smoothing away wrinkles in the skin above them. The full benefits will appear 2 to 3 weeks after the initial treatment can last up to 3 months.

Botox benefits for younger patients

For women in their 20’s to early 30’s, wrinkles may not be a concern – but it’s important to think of the future. Early Botox treatments can stop wrinkles before they start and ensure better-looking skin later in life.

Botox can remove the fine lines that naturally form around the eyes and forehead, which are the forerunners of more serious wrinkles. These treatments preserve your youthful looks without making you look unnatural.

For young patients, injections may not even be necessary. Your skin care expert can provide superficial, non-invasive applications that help target wrinkle problem spots.

Past your 40th birthday? What mid-life patients should know

Once you’ve entered your 40’s, your skin naturally loses some of its resiliency and elasticity and, with it, the ability to recover from wrinkling. Years of exposure to sunlight will have taken their toll, creating wrinkles that are too deep to treat by one method alone.

Botox can benefit women aged 40 and older by reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles and tightening the skin while restoring a younger-looking appearance. It can be combined with other wrinkle removal methods to give you the fresh, natural, healthy look you are seeking.

Considering Botox? Ask for a personalized consultation today

Want to know more about Botox treatments but aren’t sure where to begin? Dr. Anthony Farole, a trusted expert in cosmetic facial surgerywith offices near Bala Cynwyd, has served women of all ages in greater Philadelphiawho want to preserve the freshness and vitality of their skin through surgical and non-surgical methods. Dr. Farole is happy to answer your questions and help you plan for a successful Botox procedure.


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