Teeth Loss Affects More Than Just Looks: Why You Need Dental Implants

Teeth loss or edentulation is among the most prevalent dental problems faced by adult Philadelphians. Just because the condition is common, however, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s alright to disregard. It’s not a cosmetic concern one may simply choose to shrug off; permanently lost teeth, in significant numbers, is a matter worth taking seriously as it affects an individual’s overall health.

Chewing is one of the most important functions of the mouth, and is often compromised due to discomfort from lost teeth. Less chewing means reduced secretions of the saliva, an enzyme essential in regulating bacterial presence in the mouth. With less amount of ‘cleansing’ agents around, bacteria can easily build up as plaque on the tooth enamel. In sufficient quantity, plaque can reach down below the gum line and destroy the gums from within over time, particularly with improper or inadequate oral hygiene.


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